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There is a cliche for the creatives: you better arm yourself with patience because, when you create something for someone else while you think about him, you will never catch the correct shape.
The main risks are to fall into preset false forms, prejudices or idealizations.
The more you think the less you achieve.
The worst part comes when you think to know the one you love but all you can get is frustration. 
So when you’re about to give up everything, turning over and over that piece of wax in your hands, you start to hear the whispering memories of touch, glances, breath, laugh, tears; finally the eye stops looking for any kind of delight, and you know, your hands know.
And you’re sitting there, staring off into nothing and everything in particular at the same time, with your heart warm and your hands trembling. 
And so it comes.
What began as something for you becomes something of you.
So this is just you, between my fingers. 

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